Transcontinental Railroads 136th – Back Bay/Redhead Bay – Sand Bay – False Cape 20050510

Distance: 10.3

Today was a mental health day, although some will argue that me and mental health are mutually exclusive terms, but that’s a whole other story. The weather was nice and clear, sunny, lower 60s with wind out of the East at 10.

I decided to head out to Back Bay, to see what the status of the Osprey I saw starting her nest back on March 26th, She’s doing fine with either eggs or small chicks in the nest. I hung out and watched her for a while, but as I was backing away, the male returned with lunch. Drifting back down with the wind, I got a couple of pictures of the pair. When I drifted too close (I lost track of the distance looking through the view finder) they kind of yelled at me, so I let them be. Then headed over to False Cape State Park, and parked in one of the inlets for lunch.

What a great way to enjoy your lunch, sitting there with a great view of Back Bay, watching the baby fish go after any crumbs that fell in the water. All in all, a great way to spend a Tuesday afternoon.

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