Holy Saturday – Horn Point – North Bay – Shipps Bay – Sand Bay – Long Island 20050326

Distance: 12.8

Well, this technically turned out to be my longest trip so far, 12.8 miles, even if about a mile or so of it was paddling in circles waiting for my ride. I also wanted to test out my new camera, a Fuji S5100, I wasn’t happy with the results I was getting with the Sony P73, and the 3x Optical zoom. The Fuji has a 10x optical zoom, and I am happy with the results.

 This started out to not be a round trip, I was originally planning on going is at Mills Landing. Started out as a plain gray day, light to moderate winds, temps in the low 50s. Proceeded out though North Bay and porpoise point, where I noted new growth of vegetation, partially due to spring being upon us, and partially from what appears to have been a fire at a duck blind. From there I went across Shipps Bay to Long Island in the Back Bay NWR, and even though not many animals were present (Still a little cold) it was really nice. After going through the channel through the island, I proceeded South along the Eastern shore of Long Island, stopping to check out a few little inlets and such. Making the turn at the South end of the island, I saw an Osprey on the nesting platform there, I watched it for a while and took a few pictures with the new camera, and it performed really nice. 

Okay, now here was the decision point on turning back to my original point of departure. I was checking the GPS and getting a bearing to Mill Landing, when I noticed a fairly thick column of smoke, and heard a few random booms and bangs that didn’t sound like gun fire at one of the ranges in the area. Considering the roads in the area are narrow 2 lane roads, I made the call to head north, and the GPS indicated heading back was only about a mile farther, go with what you know… Paddling back was 4 miles into the wind (oh joy) and dropping temperatures (oh joy again), but the good news is that I stayed dry, and it wasn’t really that hard.

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