West Neck Creek – North Landing River – Pungo Ferry Road – New Boat maiden voyage. 20050306

Today I took out my new Tsunami 145 out for its maiden voyage, it was great… The weather was okay, mid-50’s and windy, one of those kind of days that no matter which way you turn the wind always ends up in your face. When I left West Neck Marina, the wind was blowing out of the west at ~10 to 15 mph, and by the time I got to the North Landing River it was a just about constant 15+. After turning South on the North Landing River, I tried staying to the west side of the river, but that didn’t help much, as the wind kept swinging South, and building, but enough whining about the weather…

Yesterday I picked up my new Tsunami 145 kayak, and it is sweet… Even though I spent the entire day paddling into the wind, I was paddling into the wind faster, easier and with more control. The tracking was great and in the short periods I had the wind at my back, I didn’t have the usual hassle of the stern of the boat getting blown around, and having to constantly correct, with or without the rudder. The boat cut through the wind chop nicely, and had little or no water in the cockpit even without the skirt. I’m really hoping to get this boat out on a nice calm day to see how it performs, but that day will come soon. Even despite the wind, I had a faster than average speed, and top speeds were also high than I’ve had in the past.

You can really tell that Spring is right around the corner, as I have noticed a marked increase in the bird population, in that population today I noticed what appeared to by 2 Bald Eagles, along with an Osprey and around a half dozen buzzards. Along with the increase in the bird population, there is more of a green tint to the overall color. 





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