Ashville Bridge Creek – North Bay – Just Messing Around 20050313

Distance: 9.2 Miles

Had a little break in the weather today, so I decided to a quick trip close to home, and I wanted to try out the new skirt. After last week and 8 miles into the wind, I wanted to do some protected, and some open water paddling. Launching from Lotus Pond Park, the water level was up, but not all the way up, so I had a few minor challenges getting down the creek, everything was fine as long as I remembered to stay in the middle of the creek. After I got out on North Bay, decided to go across the bay to Sandbridge, outbound I had a good stiff building breeze in my face, the boat handled great in the chop, and the skirt kept me nice and cozy…

Returning had the wind at my back, which is always nice for the return trip. Upon returning to the creek the water seemed shallower, and upon returning to the launch site the suspicion was confirmed, and the water had dropped ~4 inches… BTW, no pics this week, just data.

No Pictures.

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