Princess Anne Wildlife Management Area –  Back Bay – Pocahontas Marsh 20050213

Trip on Back Bay to Pocohontas Marsh. Beautiful February day, temps almost made 50, winds light ~5mph out of the Northeast. 

I decided on this trip late in the day, wasn’t really feeling motivated to day, drove to Dozier Bridge launch and saw that the water levels were up so I went for it. I had not been out on Back Bay before, so I headed to the Princess Anne Wildlife Management area. Seems like a good place to launch from, not sure what it would be like when the water is low. Headed out across Back Bay to Pocohontas Marsh about 3/4 of a mile, not bad had a little wind in my face. My original goal was to circumnavigate the island, but I got caught up exploring the inlet off of Little Cove. While exploring the inlet I spotted a couple of very wary turtles, and a heron. Upon leaving Little Cove I still hadn’t loosened up, so I decided to head back (Sneezing and coughing hit half way home). 

I got my iPod Shuffle this week, and took it out with me this trip, and it is great. Such a small and lightweight device, you can put it just about anywhere.





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