Superbowl Sunday Munden Point Park – Oakum’s Creek, North Landing River, Milldam Creek 20050206

A beautiful February day, Superbowl Sunday, took advantage of the weather and got out on the water. The water levels were really low, as we’ve had a predominantly North wind for the last couple of weeks. Attempted going up Oakum’s Creek as a little warm up before crossing the river, low water level didn’t really help, and I decided to try the other side of the river. First time on Milldam Creek, definitely going back when the water level is up. When I can explore it further. I took the North fork as far as I could, pretty much playing tag with 3 Sandpiper/Plover’s (Not sure which), until I was running out of time and water depth. On the way up saw some interesting tracks on the banks leading up to a pile of shells and what appeared to a burrow. I am not sure what created the track otter, nutria, muskrat?





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