Baum Road

The Baum Road Small Boat ramp is located on the Eastern end of Northwest River Park, in Chesapeake Virginia. The ramp is operated by the Parks and Recreation Department of the city of Chesapeake. The ramp is open from 9am to Sunset, and there is no charge for its use, and has enough parking for at least 5 or 6 vehicles.

The ramp itself is sand and gravel, and there are no obstructions to speak of directly in line with the ramp, there are some submerged rocks and things to the left.

After putting in, head straight out from the ramp, as going to the right terminates a couple of hundred yards at culverts under Indian Creek road. The first quarter mile or so has a few twists and turns under a fairly heavy canopy of trees, but after that the creek begins to open up nicely. You will also want to to use caution in the first quarter mile, as there are a lot of submerged trees and such.

I have always favored this ramp over Indian Creek road. I guess it’s because I think the trip out is nicer, and you’re not dealing with traffic, but if the water level is low, head for Indian Creek road, as the channel is deeper there.





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