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  • North Landing River – Old Pungo Ferry Road, 20050226

    Today, I had no specific agenda except to take my new Aquabound Manta Ray carbon paddle out for a trial run. I was originally planning on doing an excursion on Shipp’s bay, but I really didn’t feel like trudging across 20 feet of mudflat to get to the water, so I opted for a location […]

  • Princess Anne Wildlife Management Area –  Back Bay – Pocahontas Marsh 20050213

    Trip on Back Bay to Pocohontas Marsh. Beautiful February day, temps almost made 50, winds light ~5mph out of the Northeast.  I decided on this trip late in the day, wasn’t really feeling motivated to day, drove to Dozier Bridge launch and saw that the water levels were up so I went for it. I […]

  • Superbowl Sunday Munden Point Park – Oakum’s Creek, North Landing River, Milldam Creek 20050206

    A beautiful February day, Superbowl Sunday, took advantage of the weather and got out on the water. The water levels were really low, as we’ve had a predominantly North wind for the last couple of weeks. Attempted going up Oakum’s Creek as a little warm up before crossing the river, low water level didn’t really […]

  • Hard Water

    I was looking forward to taking advantage of a “nice” day (Sunny Calm and 35°), and taking a quick trip on Ashville Bridge Creek. No such luck.

  • New Year’s Day – Dismal Swamp Canal, Lake Drummond

    Happy New Years! Beautiful day, Beautiful Trip, only regret is that I didn’t get my butt out of bed earlier so that I could explore more of the lake. Reflection: I remember that trip like it was yesterday, paddling the feeder ditch is always a workout, there is a constant flow to keep the water […]

  • Smiths Creek 20041231

    Smiths Creek 20041231

    Wow! Going through the details on this my first documented trip, the camera I used was a Sony DSC-73 camera with 4 Mega Pixels, that I am pretty sure I still have somewhere. The images, for some reason, would not let me embed the GPS data. Below are my original comments. New Year’s Eve trip […]